General Lee 40T – Compatibility


Un aggiornamento.

Abbiamo provato il Leonardi Factory, Generale Lee con un Cambio ZEE, anche se funziona, è al limite. I cambi di marcia sono migliori con la gabbia media Sram x9 or gabbia media Shimano.

Update number 2.

Latest information is that a Shimano Cassette adaptor is not being produced at the moment, only the SRAM cassette adaptor is available for now, however SRAM cassettes work fine with Shimano chains and mechs.

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  • Matt Evans
    Posted 12/01/2013 12:47

    Did you try it with the short cage Zee RD or the medium cage ?

  • Adam Deschenes
    Posted 20/02/2013 01:46

    hello can you give me a quote on shipping to canada, quebec, riviere du loup on this product thanks a lot !

    • Bagnolibike
      Posted 20/02/2013 09:53

      send me e-mail whit your addres..the shipping is 30€

  • Bjarke Kjerside Limkilde
    Posted 25/02/2013 17:58

    Cant find the General lee cogs in the webshop. Whats the price for them?

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