Each fork on the market needs a various amount of servicing according to the manufacturers specifications. The most essential thing to do is a regular oil change and seal check. Davide Bagnoli takes us through a few basic steps for that process. If you need more information then contact the guys in store to see if your fork needs doing.


Davide takes apart a 3 year old Rockshox Pike, he is waiting to find a few surprises inside…


The first stage is to remove the lowers clean and inspect them and prepare for remounting.


Davide drains the oil out of the fork.


The removed lowers are ready to be cleaned.


Davide also inspects inside the uppers for any damage or piston wear after removing the air piston.


Oil Change

The main part of the service includes cleaning and greasing the lower legs and preparing for new oil and re-mounting.


Davide cleans the lower legs using a special spray.


The air piston is re-greased, but not too much, there is a trick to get it just right so the positive to negative air valve works correctly.


The lower wiper leg seals are greased with fork butter.


The lowers are place back onto the uppers and oil is injected into the legs. The correct amount of oil is essential.


Once everything is filled up checked and seated the lower leg bolts are done up and the last parts are put back so all the dials and switches work. Take a look at the video and listen to the smooth operation of the fork. If you are interested in getting your fork checked out and a basic oil change, then please contact the shop. It is worthing noting that proper maintenance like this will reduce wear on the stantions and also improve the ride feel when on trails.


Here Davide closes the lower leg bolts, the right torque setting should be used. IMG_2915low-res

The fork is now ready to go and cleaned for action.

Video – Fork Movements After Cleaning