General Lee 40T – Shimano Version

Abbiamo provato un nuovo prodotto di Leonardi Factory. Il General Lee Adattatore 28-40T


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With a high quality CNC’d back design the adaptor is very light.
Shimano compatibility for SLX and XT cassettes increasing largest rear cog to 40T.
It simply replaces the original largest sprockets on Shimano Cassettes.
Perfect spacing for compatibility with Shimano changers.
Some adjustment of the mech is needed to ensure smooth changing, also chain length must be correct to allow for the extra movement on to the large 40T sprocket.

Compared to the SRAM version we have been using we would say the Shimano version shifts are slightly smoother if used with a new chain and jockey wheels. We await to see what the big two do in the future until then for those who like to play and try things this is a good halfway house.

Available by contacting us.

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