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Nel 2012 la Santa Cruz Tallboy lt carbon che noi abbiamo nel nostro official test centre e’ stata riconosciuta la migliore bici da all mountain enduro 29er dell’anno.

Favorite Trailbike:
Santa Cruz Tallboy LTc
– RC

The 29er had matured into a thriving institution among the trail riding and XC segment of the sport by the time Pinkbike picked it up on the radar screen. The realization, however tardy, couldn’t have come at a better time, because at that very moment, wide tires, capable geometry and (relatively) longer-travel suspension designs were coming on line for big wheel bikes. The Mucky Mucks at Santa Cruz were equally adamant against big wheels – until internal pressure from 29er employees and financial incentives from

29er-hungry dealers forced them to reconsider. Getting a late start may also have been a good thing for Santa Cruz, because all the pieces they needed to keep their house full of hard-core trail riders happy were readily obtainable. The original Tallboy was born a winner. It was lightweight, it had head-of-class handling, and under power, it steamed down the trail like a runaway locomotive. All it needed was more wheel travel. My first ride on the carbon fiber Tallboy LTc was the clincher. With 135-millimeters in the rear and 140 up front, 29er-adjusted fork geometry, and exquisitely balanced frame metrics, the bike melted away after a few hundred yards and I was flying. The reason the Tallboy LTc is my choice is that it breaks the mythology of the 29er vs the 26er. There is little or no perception of wheel size, no compensation for steering angle, no monkey motion required to properly weight the bike. It’s just a great ride. Santa Cruz found the nexus point between big wheels and proper bike handling.
Santa Cruz

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