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The point of Enduro racing is that anyone can do it even if you area slow and ride for fun. Team A.S.D. I-MTB supported by Bagnoli Bike was created for exactly this reason so riders of all levels can ride together and have fun, we decided to organise this race weekend as our first race of the year for fun.

The weekend was great with all riders bringing along their families for a nice stay and enjoyable time with other riders in a beautiful location.

High above Sestri are some nice trails, around 3 km long.

Team A.S.D. I-mtb was there for a fun ride with a few riders not having the chance to even try the trails before they ride.

First the prologue race.

Davide Bagnoli the Mechanic checks every bike before the race, one of the advantages of being in team A.S.D. I-MTB.

Marco Tiberi came to race with his special Scott freeride bike.

Marco Tiberi’s Scott freeride bike – proves the point that we race for fun.

Alessandro Bagnoli was our fastest rider, he finished 143rd position.

Luca had a lot of fun as well, but was disqualified when he had a brake fixed. Riding with no brakes could be argued as dangerous.

Thomas Daddi rode fast but had a technical problem which slowed him down, he still finished in position 222nd.

Marco Cenni also did well and rode a good race.

If you want to join our team and race the Enduro World Series and Superenduro then contact us and join in the fun.


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