With the Enduro World Series only a a few months away we decided to put together some services for riders who will be training here in the months before and also on the race week.

Also we have here the trail videos for the Enduro World Series

Here we have on board videos of each of the PS 1 to PS 5.

If you are looking for race and organisation details link to Enduro World Series.

Ps1 Trail Video

Ps2 Trail Video

Ps3 Trail Video

This is the hardest trail on the race route. We decided to give a bit of a commentary to get an idea of the lines.

Uplift/Shuttle Services and Guiding.

Uplift service for the day (around 6-7 lifts with truck – more if riders are fast) costs €45 per person per day with a minimum of 2 people, more than 2 people, 3+ €35 per person.

Il servizio di risalita costa €45 a persona per un minimo di due persone. Oltre i due costa €35.

Per prenotazione, chiamare +39 0564 939266 or email info[at]bagnolibike.com

Mechanical Assistance

Davide Bagnoli as one of the most experienced and best known professional mechanics in the area has a number of offers available.

Throughout the months and weeks leading up to the event we have these race related offers available.

Basic Service

– Bike Check/Tune and Wash.  €15

Practice and Race Preparation,

– Suspension clean, oil change and setup.  €30 (Including oil, excluding replacement suspension parts.)
– Wheel check and tensioning front and rear.  €20
– Brake check, hydraulic bleed including new pad replacement front and rear.  €60 (Original Parts)

Full Race Assistance

Racing can be fun and at the same time busy preparing everything. Bagnoli Bike has a limited number of spaces where full race assistance can be provided. In the pit area will be our assistance point providing a personal pit service when you need it most.

When you have finished training leave your bike with us and rest. When you come back it will be ready to go. We will be your personal mechanic.

This service will be available between the 15th-19th May 2013 it Includes:

– Bike practice/race technical preparation and check with bike washing at end of the training days.
– Prologue race assistance, including final check and accompany to start with equipment.
– Pre-race technical check and setup.
– Race service in-between PS2 and PS3 during the time check when outside mechanical assistance is allowed including emergency part replacements (apart from wheels and frame).

Cost of service 15th-19th May  €100 (parts replacements extra)

By special request with our race partners we can also offer training support including sports massage, training shuttle services and logistical support.

Please contact us asap for booking this service as due to time requirements we have a limited number of spaces available.

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