Bosch E-bike motors are pretty much maintenance free for the first 20,000 km, after that they need special attention, in the meantime, software updates and other general configurations are important to do. Davide Bagnoli shows us the special service computer and a live update that is applied to a Bosch Performance CX motor and battery unit.

Bosch Service

All Bosch computers can be connected to the Bosch system to check up motor health and also how the software is functioning.


The Purion display is the centre of the motor control system.


Each display has a usb connector.


You cant access the system without this special key.


You also need the special software which is only available to Bosch dealers.


Davide plugs the bike in and looks at the internal software, then he shows us how to run through a check procedure and update.


Jokingly Davide tries to find the USB port….


Once he found it, we plug in.


Now in USB mode the system is ready to test and update.


New software is found and added.


Here we can see the battery firmware is updated.


The whole procedure takes about 20 minutes.


The most interesting screen is here, there is a way to see exactly how the bike has been used. No tricks or ways around are possible. This way service centers know how the bike has been used and can diagnose problems more easily.


Once updated the computer will function as normal and equip the bike with the latest software from Bosch. It is recommended to do these checks especially if you have not been to a service center since buying the bike. Only Bosch service centers are able to do this and maintain the guarantee on the product.